Bike Style – Gotham Cargo


The cargo bike boom continues to strengthen, and it’s completely awesome. In recent years we’ve not only witnessed the explosion of European imports, but even more exciting is the emergence of domestic cargo bicycle start-ups bringing their own innovation to this expanding market. Perhaps most telling is the shift in mainstream bicycle companies that are offering more models with practical features such as racks and baskets as standard equipment.

The aftermarket bicycle accessory industry is also a factor in creating trends and responding to consumer shifts. Proudly taking their place in this burgeoning cargo phenomenon are the market shaping designs of Gotham Cargo. Based in Greece and hailing from the fishing village of Nafplio, they use local pine wood and traditional ship building techniques to craft their small range of bike boxes.

As you can see from the image above and the video below, the design is very sharp. The thin ply pine is strong enough to handle simple cargo tasks and the sleek profile is a great match for the lines of a bicycle. Plus, the colors are extremely cool. The aluminum brackets simply attach to your front axle and front brake assembly.

They’re currently available online for around $85 and I’m sure they’ll have widespread distribution in the U.S. very soon.

Gotham Cargo – Inside Gotham Lab

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