Bike Myths from Bike Arlington

Okay, so this week is Bike Infographics week! I came across this great bike commuting infographic from Bike Arlington and thought it’s be great to share to continue the bike to work momentum. I don’t necessarily agree that myth number one is an actual myth and would inhibit people from riding. I think most folks would agree that biking is much cheaper than driving. However, the rest of the listed items are great Myth Busters.

My favorite myth busters are you’ll get sweaty and your clothes will get wrinkled. I’m fortunate that my ride is short and I wear casual clothing, but even in more corporate attire, it’s possible. It just takes some planning ahead – have clothes ready to go at work or take an extra shirt/tie/top with you. As for getting sweaty, if a shower at work just isn’t possible, take a small hand towel, hair brush, deodorant, and wipes with you and clean up in the bathroom. It may sound time consuming, but just think of it as not having to set aside “work out” time since you’re already getting a work out. ;)

What myth do you think might be dissuading people from commuting by bike?


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