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Bike Love – Car Free For A Year

Bike Love


Doing away with the second car or perhaps even going completely car-free is an ideal that many of us consider, but few people actually follow through and embrace. Today we’re sharing Kara Minnehan’s story because she had the courage to sell her only car and commit to alternative transportation - her bicycle. Thankfully for us, Kara documented her journey so we can all learn from her experience.

Don’t expect a car to bike transition to be easy. Timing your logistics and overcoming weather elements are the first and obvious obstacles. People like Kara have done this too so be reassured that IT CAN BE DONE.

Perhaps the bigger challenge for you will be social? Doing things a little bit differently can be tough. The notion that living better by doing without or cutting back is a concept that so many people just can’t get their heads around. The reality is that by consuming less your life becomes so much richer on a number of levels, and I think Kara’s documentary communicates this point very well.

For more information on how you too can go car free please visit the Bike Love website.


Bike Love

BIKE LOVE from Typeset Film on Vimeo.



  1. We did away with a second car a few years ago, and it worked out well since Mr. LH works from home and I ride my bike a few days a week to work. I’m impressed with people who can go completely car-free!

    • This has been a huge challenge, but has really tranformed the way that I navigate the world (literally). A humbling experience, as well as an empowering one!