Bike and Park: Santa Monica Bike Center

Santa Monica, California is an up and coming bike-friendly city in the greater Los Angeles. It’s gorgeous beach weather and atmosphere make bike riding easy all year round. The city has also been making some important bike infrastructure changes throughout the city to encourage bicycling, such as putting some roads on a diet to make room for bike lanes. As the enthusiasm for bicycling grows, the city has opened a bike center run by Bike and Park where members can shower, repair their bikes, sign up for a guided bike tour, or rent bikes. Membership ranges from $15 to $50 monthly depending on the services the rider requires. The attraction of the bike center is to encourage more people to park their cars and ride their bike.

But Santa Monica isn’t the only city with a bike center. According to Bike and Park, whose website inspires bicyclists and offers bike commuting information, bike centers are also available in Chicago and a Cincinnati bike center is opening this spring. Bike and Park’s website is also chock-full of great commuting tips; from beginner basics to information even a seasoned commuter might need to know – like what to do if you get hit by a car.

Do you want a bike center in your city? Contact Bike and Park for more details.

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