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Bicycling in America Infographic

Why should more American’s bike? Take a look at a few key points on this infographic, Bicycling in America. I whole-heartedly agree that we shouldn’t DRIVE everywhere. I commute 3 to 4 days a week and on those days that I ride, I feel rejuvenated compared to the days I drive. Granted, I’m fortunate that my commute is under 2-miles; most Americans drive many more miles than that to work. However, many errands and trips folks make on an everyday basis are under 2-miles. Running to the grocery store, swinging by the coffee shop, picking up a sandwich – *SURPRISE* – all can be done by bike. Enjoy!

Bicycling in America. from

Bicycling in America. from

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  1. I love a good infographic! This is great.


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