Cycling down the path of life

Bicycles Make Great Gifts


This bike looks very similar to my original Huffy, but mine was more red, I think. This is the Cactus Sun and I’m pretty sure mine was the Sundowner. Funny how memory recall is a bit fuzzy.

I remember the year I received my first real bike. It was Christmas 1979 and after opening up all of my presents (that year was a magical Christmas year), my step-dad wheeled in a red, banana seat Huffy with cream-colored flowers from the back porch. The bike was way too big for me and I had to wait 6-months before I could ride it safely – what can I say, I’m short and my parents didn’t believe in training wheels. I loved that bike once I figured out how to ride it. I’d ride it up and down the street all day long during the summer.

Though 3 decades have passed, I still love bicycles. I recently enjoyed shopping for my latest bike even though I had to visit 28 bike shops before I found it. Yes, it would have made a great Christmas gift, but I didn’t want to wait 3 months for a bike!

Bikes make great gifts for kids of all ages – and adults, too. New or used, bicycles are a thoughtful gift. They provide outdoor exercise and entertainment and they even provide transportation. For children, depending  on their ages and responsibility level, they can ride to school and back. For adults, bikes offer an alternative mode of transportation and much-needed exercise for our mostly sedentary lifestyle.

Donate an Unused Bike!

For those that just don’t ride anymore or if you have an extra bike sitting in your garage, donate it. There are places throughout the country that accept and look for bike donations. Though this week is the final week for many bike donation charities, any thrift store, Goodwill or Salvation Army would be happy to accept your bike.

Or, if you’re looking to purchase a new bike, check out Amazon’s selection of bikes. They still offer the Free SuperSaver shipping today with standard rates applying after 3pm. As the countdown to Christmas has begun, the closer it gets to the 25th, the more shipping costs!

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  1. I remember my first gift too, it was for my 7th birthday. I never forgot taking off those training wheels too.