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Bicycles Are the New Fashion Accessory in China

Bikes are making a comeback in China. Photo from

Bikes are making a comeback in China. Photo from

The bicycle seems to have come full-circle in China. Before the industrialization of China’s major metros, bicycles were the main source of transportation.  However, similar to the United States, the car-culture has taken over the past three decades and bicycles have been tossed to the side lines often seen as too utilitarian and not forward-thinking enough. But there’s a new trend taking hold of the wealthiest Chinese; the bicycle as a fashion statement/luxury item.

According to an MSN article, “What Wealthy Chinese Want for Christmas: A Bike” high end bikes with similar price tags are becoming all the rage for high-income earners. Instead of purchasing that Gucci purse or Rolex watch, a pricey hand-made bicycle purchase is hip and reflects a young professionals attitude toward healthier living.

As bicycle sales are expected to grow 10-percent over the next year or so, I’d predict a resurgence in bicycle culture over the next decade, especially as more cities begin to support bike sharing programs. And with some companies already promoting bicycles in the form of bonuses, perhaps the bike will make a strong comeback sooner than later.

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  1. Wow! Now that a bike is no longer basic transportation, it is sort of a status symbol.