Bicycle UK – Wales


The expansion of bicycle recreation is clearly evident in the succulent forests of Wales. Not only are existing bicycle park operators adding miles of new trails, we’re also seeing the development of brand new riding space.

Established trail parks like Oneplanet Adventure, and Coed Llandegla have cultivated fantastic places to ride, connect with nature, and escape the bustle if city confines. There’s currently 20+ parks in Wales offering a similar trail riding experience.

Dedicated trail facilities simply make it easier to cater to groups and families that want to enjoy healthy outdoor experiences. The better developed operators not only offer trails, but have comfortable restaurants, locker rooms, a comprehensive bike shop, coaching staff, bike hire, and even offer courses to help you take your riding to a higher level. Given this professionalism, it’s little wonder they are so popular.

Laurence Crossman-Emms brilliantly captures Duane Walker on some of these breathtaking Welsh trails. The cinematography is super-sharp and we’re very happy to share it here on Bike Lane Living.

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