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Bicycle Tourism Saves Small Towns

Here at Bike Lane Living, we’ve posted about bicycle tourism and about Russ and Laura over at The Path Less Pedaled. Both go hand in hand; Russ and Laura have traveled by bike across America, through New Zealand, and within individual states here in the US. They advocate bicycle travel as a way to enjoy an area more fully and support small towns. Check out their video that explains how bicycle tourism can help save small towns:

This reminds me of the Slow Movement – slow down and enjoy life. On a bike, you can enjoy all the sights and sounds of the journey versus a car or plane where you whiz by neglecting all the finer details. I think we (all people) sometimes get caught up in the end-goal and forget that it’s the journey that’s more important – who you meet, what you see, what you learn along the way.

Bicycle travel need not be only for those with months of vacation ahead of them. Shorter trips can be made as well. Take a weekend to explore a local town, take a week to ride to the coast then take the train back, if you have 10-days to spare visit a national park, ride a longer trail, or create your own path. Include a train, plane or automobile to help move you along a little quicker.

However you travel, try incorporating bicycles into your next trip.

Have you traveled by bike?


  1. Rode crosscountry in 2000, along the Katy Trail in Missouri this year … and yes, bicyclists have the power to bring money to shrinking small towns. We don’t always camp — in fact, we can spend a decent amount of money. Just need area advocates to help get that message to their local communities. It doesn’t always take a rail-trail — maps, routes along quieter roads, sign posts if possible are all helpful to us strangers coming to your area. And if hotels/b&bs would band together and market themselves as bike-friendly and even think about teaming up to transport luggage (short distance for a car), bet you’d get even more business.

    • @Silvia – Those are some great ideas.Since cyclists can’t travel as far as cars in a day, more signs (geared towards cyclists) would definitely be helpful. Great tips. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Is good but now a days every one is to busy. So going on Tours we have to choice motorcycle because its save our time also and for my opinion we can enjoy on motorcycle as compare to cycle