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What better way to honor the memory of your bicycle than mounting, hanging and displaying for all to see? The creative team at Bicycle Taxidermy  can help you realize this vision for your favorite steeds.

Drawing inspiration from the Scottish highlands, this London-based enterprize will secure the stem and handlebar of any bike on either a scorched or bleached oak plaque. The shield is adorned with an epitaph showing the make, model, pet name, and the dates ridden. Alternatively, they offer a range of ready-made mounted bars.

These are fun conversational pieces fit for any lover of bikes. After one of my bike frames failed, I have to confess that I was devastated when the manufacturer insisted that I return the frame to them before replacing it under the terms of the warranty. I had grand plans for proudly hanging that cracked frame on my garage wall. We spend so much time and energy riding, cleaning, repairing, tuning, and generally having fun with our bikes that it seems a shame to just get rid of them. Sadly, it was probably crushed without a second thought upon its return to the factory.

Please contact @ReganAppleton directly for distribution and pricing information.


Bicycle Taxidermy - Bleached Oak

Bicycle Taxidermy – Bleached Oak



Bicycle Taxidermy - Specialized Diamondback

Bicycle Taxidermy – Specialized Diamondback



  1. Although I hope that I never have a bike that is wrecked or destroyed, I love the idea of it.

    • Yeah, it’s a novel idea. You could also hang bike parts around your cave / garage to generate a similar effect.