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Have you ever wondered about turning a hobby you love into an employable job? I sometimes think about how I could make money bicycling. I see policemen riding their bikes and think that’s a great way to monitor the city streets, I occasionally see someone delivering food on a bike (but only in the downtown areas), and recently I read an article about how good samaritans delivered much-needed supplies to hurricane Sandy victims.

One great thing about the internet  is that you can find almost anything by simply searching for select terms, like “bike jobs.” was the first link that turned up on my search page. It’s displays bike-related jobs in various cities that range from bike shop assistant to bicycle tour guide to bicycle planner.

Ride the City Jobs

Now it’s not surprising that New York and California, the two most populated states, list the most jobs. I was a bit surprised there weren’t more jobs listed in states like Oregon and Minnesota, two bicycle friendly states. Of course, it could be that shop owners are unaware of this site. Some of the positions are out-dated, but there’s definitely a trend in seasonal hiring; May through August seem to be peak season. If I decide to take up a summer job, this might be the first place I look.

Ride the City’s website focuses mainly on bicycle jobs but also offers a bicycle friendly map for select major metros.

Do you have a bike-related job?


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