Cycling down the path of life

Bicycle Fashion vs. Utilitarian Mode

I like to think I’m promoting cycling through making it look fashionable. However, what I think and what I actually do are quite contradictory. On the one hand, I don’t dress in spandex and power my way to work. Instead, I wear everyday work clothes and a helmet, making sure to have hair clips with me when I get to where I’m going. A quick up-do makes helmet head look presentable. I’m not a heels-type-of-gal, so I’ll never be caught pedaling in stilettos or wedges. (Hey, it’s impressive I even know the names of these shoes!)

On the other hand, many of my bike accessories are more utilitarian. As much as I’d love to add a beautiful wooden basket to the rear or wicker basket to the front of my bike, the truth is I need my baskets to hold grocery bags, a backpack, and other mundane items that involve errands or work. Let’s compare the theoretical with the realistic. The bike below is a beautiful Pashley I believe with a gorgeous wicker basket. Truth be told, I think I’d ruin the wicker within a month or two hauling my backpack around in it.

Pashley Princess I think. – photo credit, Pinterest (can I even credit them with this?)

So I opted for a rear, metal basket to haul my crap, I mean stuff, in that wouldn’t deflect from the nice lines of my bike. (I really love the style of my Felt). Yet it’s more durable for me, let’s me clip my helmet to it as well as my drink container. The open weave gives me more options and space to hang things on. Not the greatest photo, I know.

My Felt Cafe 8 with rear metal basket. – I wanted a larger basket, but it would have taken up a lot of space in the rear, so I selected a medium sized one instead. My small-ish backpack fits nicely in it.

I suppose my “style” is really more tomboy-ish than girly girl; khaki’s and a button down shirt. Yet, I still admire the fancy photos I find on Pinterest; bikes adorned with flowers (like that’s practical!), girls riding away in short skirts (I’d be chilly), or long flowing hair and skirts fluttering in the breeze (helmets, ladies, helmets! – this is a touchy topic with some, but where I live it’s too dangerous to go bare-headed.)

My bicycle style – sans helmet but only because I was posing. ;)

What’s your bicycle style?


  1. I think your new rack fits perfectly with the style of the Felt. I have to agree that the image of cycling portrayed in the popular media differs greatly from the way most of us get around on two wheels.

    For my morning rides around my neighborhood I dress more like I’m going to run or hit the tennis court. It’s comfortable and, a full spandex outfit would look out of place.

    • @Hunter – I’m definitely into comfort when I ride my bike and now that my commute is pretty flat (minus a few hills) I can dress in my casual business/teacher attire. The media seems to promote two extreme cycling pov’s – racer or fashionista. I’m definitely neither. ;)

  2. I also have a Felt bike that I love. I have been looking for a basket for a while now and I haven’t been able to find many options that fit well. Can you tell me more about your basket?
    Thanks :)