Cycling down the path of life

Bicycle Daycare


We love our bikes in much the same way as we love our children. Alexander Hongo of Blue Heron Bicycles in Eugene, Oregon professes what many of us already know to be true – we do have a deep connection with our bicycles that other worldly possessions can’t compete with.

So when it comes to leaving our babies with people who we can trust to do the right thing, nothing compares to the dedicated crew at the Local Bike Shop. The LBS has the staff that are doing what they do for the love of working on bicycles, it’s their passion and unless you happen to own a massive store it’s certainly not about the money – the margins are so fine and competitive in retail.

However, when it comes to service, for a repair that simply must be done the right way. Connecting with the LBS virtually guarantees a successful outcome, and if for some reason you’re not completely satisfied you can always take it back.

Just because it’s on YouTube, doesn’t mean you should do it yourself.


Bicycle Daycare

Bicycle Daycare from Madison Cole on Vimeo.