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Bicycle Baskets Blues

Example of the basket I ordered on a bike – from

How I miss my bike baskets on my Raleigh. I had two collapsible metal baskets on my rear rack that would hold my backpack, groceries, my purse, and even once held a Starbucks Coffee Traveler. I enjoy riding my Felt Cafe 8, but I miss having a basket! Instead I’ve been hauling my backpack on my back which isn’t very comfortable. But, the Felt has a terrific rack that is almost too beautiful, I can’t bear to saddle two baskets like I did on my old Raleigh.

Instead, I’ve ordered a single rear basket that will fit on top of the rack. After reading reviews, I’m anticipating having to mount it with zip-strips. But who knows, it might actually mount just fine to my rack. I think I’ll also hunt down a basket liner like the one shown in the photo. Now if only it would arrive!

I must say that my bike needs have grown and the bike shops in my area just can’t meet my ever-maturing needs/wants. It took me forever to find just the right bike. When I decided to shop for a basket, I didn’t want it to turn into the adventure the bike shopping turned into (29 bike shops before finding my Felt), so after two bike shop visits, I decided to order a basket online.

Since I couldn’t compare it to the size of my rack, I had to just guesstimate using a measuring tape how the basket would work on the back rack. As soon as it arrives, I’ll post some photos!

I guess I can bear one more day of riding with my backpack on my back.


  1. I feel the frustration in your post Jennifer. I think you picked the perfect instance to shop for bike gear online. As much as I want to support the LBS, each shop can only afford to stock 1 or 2 brands in each category, and this rarely satisfied every customer.

    My wife wants a bike just like your Felt Cafe 8. How do you like it?

  2. So far, I love it. I’m sort of short, 5′ 2″, so the only complaint I have is that on the 16″ frame, I had to lower the seat almost all the way down to the base of the post. The clipped bag behind the seat is hard to take off with the back rack. I think I’ll also replace the hand grips at some point, they’re kind of hard. However, despite that it rides like a dream. Light weight with great balance points; I never really thought of that until this bike.


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