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Bent Basket Kickstarts Refined Design

Bent Basket SP Stand Alone

The dedicated team at Bent Basket has responded to the overwhelming demand for its bicycle cargo carrier by announcing the launch of its own Kickstarter campaign. The bold crowdfunding goals are perhaps the most ambitious for any bicycle product this year, but indicators suggest their $100,000 target is within reach.

We proudly introduced Bent Basket last year. The unique design immediately captivated us, and I’m sure you’ll agree there’s simply nothing quite like this available to discerning bicycle consumers that are always hungry for improved product offerings.


Bent Basket SP Overhead on bike


From the outset, the mandate was to create a product that wasn’t yet available. Existing offerings were outdated, heavy, and bulky. The dearth of contemporary carriers that people actually wanted to attach to their bikes was clear, and represented a great opportunity. There had to be a better way to integrate materials to better fit todays need for functionality and clean design lines.

Bent Basket SP Profile on Bike Seaside


The distinctive scalloped appearance is created by vacuum forming many layers of wood, much like the process used to produce modern skateboard decks. The result is a stiff cargo platform that is durable, usable, and brings contemporary good looks.

This single-piece cargo deck is crossed by a series of straps made from synthetic and cotton fibers – designed to resist over-stretching with age. Plus, the straps are easily removable – so you can quickly customize them to suit your load.

Don’t let the clean simple appearance of the strap system fool you into thinking functionality is somehow compromised – this design gets an A+. No more fumbling around with bungee cords means  easier, faster transitions for you.

New for 2013 is the addition of several strap colors – Bent Basket now boasts four (4) color choices: white, charcoal grey, navy blue, and salmon-red.


Bent Basket SP Studio Overhead Dark Straps


The entire unit mounts to most bike models in around ten minutes on a stainless steel frame. The fine lines of the supporting frame are powder-coated for scratch resistance and good looks.

Cargo dimensions: 17in x 13in x 2.5in. Weight: 4.5lbs.

Final pricing information is not yet available. However, if you follow this link to the Bent Basket Kickstarter campaign, you’ll see how you can secure your very own.


Bent Basket SP White Bike Against Wall