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Basic Bike Maintenance: How to Change a Tire

With my new bike, my bike maintenance has increased to levels I’m not accustomed to. Thankfully, I have a handyman for a husband who can handle minor repairs. Yet, it’s still good to know how to do some common things myself, like change a tire. (Okay, so I haven’t done this myself, but I think I could following these easy steps below.)

Tools you need to change a tire:

  • An air pump (I personally like the foot ones, I can get more leverage when pumping.)
  • An inner tube to replace the punctured one
  • tire tool kit – you need tire levers to slip the deflated inner tube off the rim
  • optional: cloth to wipe your hands

I found two YouTube videos that I liked. Each had similar tips, but one moves at a faster pace and the other breaks down the steps in more detail:

Faster paced video that includes how to remove the tire from the frame:

Slower paced video with detailed steps:

Following these videos, I feel pretty confident that I could change my next flat tire on my own. Hopefully that won’t be too terribly soon!

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  1. It would be nice to have a support vehicle following you all the time and simply hand you a brand new bike when there’s a flat, a la Tour de France style. Us mortals have to do the work ourselves, unfortunately. Useful information, thanks for sharing Jennifer.