Are Bicyclists Lazy?


I came across an amusing article on The Urban Country blog, “Bicycling is for Lazy People” and decided to reflect on this for a moment. The article was a bit tongue and cheek, that the author is too lazy to walk or fill up his car with gas so instead rides a bike – because he’s just too lazy to do the before mentioned.

It’s true; sometimes I’m too lazy to drive to the university and walk from the parking lot to the building, so I ride my bike instead. It’s faster and more convenient. There are also days I know my gas tank is low on fuel and I’m too lazy to fill it up, so instead I ride my bike to work.

I relate to this mentality; biking is just easier, faster, and more convenient in some instances. But does that make me lazy? No. It makes me efficient.

See, there’s a difference between truly being lazy and being efficient. Maybe I’m being nit-picky on the verbage used, but a true lazy person wouldn’t bother going to work at all, they’d have no problem showing up late if they did make it in, and would definitely drive, search 10 minutes for a spot near the front door, and take the elevator to their office.

Lazy people ignore their responsibilities, where as efficient people find the quickest and most convenient way to achieve their goal.

People who choose to bicycle to save time are efficient. They want to get to their destination and arrive at the front steps on time. Biking allows you to coast right up to the door. You don’t have to bother filling up a tank, instead you need the energy to pedal.

Now, I’ll admit that sometimes I’m truly lazy and will ignore a responsibility from time to time, and perhaps “Bicycling is for Efficient People” wouldn’t have been as enticing to read.

But as a cyclist, I say I’m efficient, not lazy.

For an entertaining read, check out the article for yourself.

Are you lazy, or efficient?

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