Another Reason to Bike To Work – Avoid Parking Issues!

There are a plethora of good reasons to bike to work, but to mention another one: Avoid Parking Issues!

(Well, unless you live in a super bike-friendly city that has bicycle parking issues! -But most of us in the US don’t have this problem.)

The past three days I’ve had to participate in a training at a location that is also hosting summer school. Let me just say that between the parents dropping and picking up kids and the faculty, parking was a bit of an issue. This was especially the case since I’m one of those people who will ONLY park on an END spot.

Solution: Bike instead.

Car Bike Rack from

Car Bike Rack from

Thankfully, this particular location is within 2-miles of my home, so on days two and three, I rode my bike. Problem solved.

For those fortunate folks who live within 4 or 5 miles of their work, biking to work can solve this simple issue as well as save money on fuel or parking.

Bicycles also take up less room than cars; approximately 1/10 the space! Though finding a secure place to lock your bike might be cumbersome, in the end it will save time hassling with limited car parking.

Do you ride to reduce parking issues?

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