Cycling down the path of life


Advertise on Bike Lane Living by contacting Jennifer, email: contact [at]


Promote your brand on a website that currently:

  • Has a Google Page Rank of 4
  • Ranks as one of the FASTEST GROWING Alexa sites on the web
  • Is actively UPDATED with articles and LIVELY discussion
  • Projects a MODERN RETRO bicycle lifestyle theme
  • Has an active SOCIAL MEDIA network

Connect With Our Audience who Include:

  • Readers who bicycle regularly for transportation and recreation
  • People who aspire to lifestyle improvements, passionate about health and fitness.
  • Equally represented women and men who seek quality, relevant products.

Working Together:

  • Custom Graphic Banner Advertisements
  • Product Reviews shared via blog and social media
  • Affiliate promotions with partnered websites and blogs
  • Discounts for extended advertising terms

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at contact [at]



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