Cycling down the path of life

About Us

Bike Lane Living was started by two bicyclists and bloggers who wanted to share their love of biking.

Hunter Montgomery: I love to ride in the city, suburbs, rural roads, and just about everywhere I have the opportunity to mash the pedals. I mainly ride a Felt road bike with the crew from my local bike store, but switch to a Raleigh Rush Hour fixed gear for fun, and I never stop thinking about my next bike. Living in the bike lane is a very practical lifestyle choice for me on many levels. It’s more than just a healthy transportation alternative or fun family activity. Above all else, I value the community and friendships that have developed through my love of bicycling. I look forward to sharing and growing with you, and hope to see you in the bike lane.

Jennifer Jennings: I’m a part-time bicycle commuter who started commuting in 2008. I ride a Raleigh Venture 3.0 comfort bike that’s fully loaded (and yes, that adds lots of extra weight!) I’m already thinking about adding to my bicycle collection with Dutch-style bikes catching my eye. Since I live in a temperate climate, I have few reasons to NOT ride my bike – to work, to Starbucks, for fun! Living in the bike lane is much healthier and less stressful than the alternative. Now if only my city would accommodate my bike lane needs! But that’s one of the many reasons I enjoy writing about bicycling; to advocate and share biking information.


  1. Really great looking website you have here. I think your work will be a success.

    • @John – Thanks for your support!

  2. Hey Hunter, love the new site! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Biking is one of my passions too. I think I may have told you, but over the past two years I’ve made a big transition from road biking to mountain biking and have never looked back. Nothing more fun than navigating your way over stumps, bumps, creeks, and cracks!

    -Geoff (a.ka. Car Negotiation Coach)

    • Hi Geoff, funny you should mention transitioning to off-road biking. I’m considering doing more mountain biking myself. I don’t want to give up road cycling, I’m just keen to diversify and keep it interesting. Thanks for your support!

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