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A Bike Seat That Drains the Rain

The other night I got caught in a light sprinkle coming home from school. I normally don’t ride in rainy weather, but it was a bit of a fluke and had no choice but to ride home. Thankfully, my seat is a pleather (fake leather) and I easily wiped away the sprinkles that covered my bike seat, hopped on my bike and pedaled quickly home. Warm, light rain isn’t too difficult to ride in and can be done without a lot of rain gear.

However, in places that receive lots of rain, I’m thinking the Pacific Northwest or areas that have a monsoon season, I can’t hardly imagine riding my bike on rainy days. For one, I’d end up soaked from head to toe without rain pants, a long-ish trench coat, rain boots, and gloves. Or maybe I’d just take a whole set of clothing and shoes along with me. And two, once you arrive at your destination, your bike is left to soak up the water turning your seat into a squishy sponge and the frame becomes slick with water droplets. I commend those brave bike commuter that ride in torrential rain on a regular basis.

Drain-Saddle. Image from Trend Hunter.

Drain-Saddle. Image from Trend Hunter.

And for those bold bike commuters, there’s a possible solution to a soggy bottom – a draining waterproof bike seat called the Drain Saddle. It’s an unusual looking bike seat with drain holes punctured throughout the entire saddle allowing water to drain right through the seat. Currently a concept design out of China, I can see this seat becoming popular in notoriously wet regions.

Do you regularly ride in the rain? If so, would this seat be something you’d consider?